Furniture Maintenance

Sharp clothing articles such as belt buckles and zippers will damage your furniture if they rub against it.  Be especially careful when getting close to the crib or dresser to avoid damaging your furniture.

When using a vinyl changing pad with your furniture, use a protective cloth under the changing pad to protect from scratching and damaging the finish. The changing pad belts can also scratch the finish if placed under the pad.  Do not use any type of synthetic fabric or non-skid fabric because they damage the finish.

Be careful not to place plastic materials (lamp bases, teethers, match box cars, pacifiers, toys) on your furniture.  Certain plastics have ingredients that may damage the finish.

Wipe up spills promptly. Water left over a prolonged period of time will cause white spots in the finish. Alcohol, perfume and medicines can also cause severe damage. Beware of urine spills on furniture as this may cause discoloration.

Use caution when using a vaporizer or humidifier.  Moisture is harmful to the finish.  The vapor stream should be aimed away from
any furniture item.

Keep wood away from heat and air conditioning sources or vents. These directly effect the moisture content of the wood and causes the wood to split and warp.

Rotate furniture and pieces that sit on the furniture that are exposed to the sun to prevent discoloration. Direct sunlight can cause heat damage.

Do not leave newspapers and magazines sitting on wood as the inks can bleed onto the finish and into the wood.

When placing and retrieving items, always set them down and pick them up. Do not slide them.



The Warning and Caution stickers are federally mandated and are not designed to be removed. Removal of stickers will damage the finish.


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